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Dragan Bogatic, CFP®

Executive Vice President



Dragan Bogatic was born and raised in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (today known as the Republic of Serbia). From early childhood, his character and values were largely influenced by his parents. His father, who was a financial executive, was his role model and hero. He recalls how his father would take him to his work place to show him how the real working world looks like. It didn’t take long for Dragan to realize that he wanted to be like his father. People respected this man for his knowledge and integrity, but most of all, they respected him for his commitment to his work and his unselfish willingness to help those around him. Dragan’s mother worked for a publishing company. Even though she had to work every day, she was always there for her family. Their home depended upon her, because of his father’s busy schedule. She was an excellent manager of their household, and they all admired her for that.

Much of his early adulthood life was spent in an attempt to influence political and economic changes in his war-torn country. At the age of 18, Dragan became an active member of the first opposition party in Yugoslavia; he participated in political demonstrations against the communist regime, led by President Slobodan Milosevic. Like many of his countrymen, he wanted change and supported the establishment of a democratic Yugoslavia. Dragan believed that the only way to long-term prosperity for his country was through the acceptance and implementation of advanced economic and political ideas, and breaking-away from an old, ineffective, and corrupt communist system.

He discontinued his studies in economics at the public university which he believed was biased with communist economic principles. His political and economic philosophy was further strengthened by his studies at the Faculty of Management “Braca Karic” in Belgrade, the first private university in his country, which fostered all the advanced ideas of well-developed western countries, primarily the United States. Dragan first showed that he had qualities that would make him a good leader while in elementary school. As Captain of the soccer team, he repeatedly led his team to victory, oftentimes giving credit to his teammates, who followed him unquestionably. In college, he was also a team leader on several finance projects. Dragan’s strength was to motivate his teammates when it was hardest. When everyone ran out of ideas, he would come up with one, and kept the ball rolling. His ability to visualize a victory at the end of every challenge was the secret force that kept him motivated and focused. He was also recognized by his peers and professors for his writing and presentation abilities, and was given the opportunity to teach his fellow students about several topics, such as IMF and options valuation. Soon after, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management

Dragan’s hobbies are reading, playing chess and photography. He also practices karate, and is a member of American Black Belt Academy, Houston, Texas.  Dragan is actively involved with St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Houston, TX where he served as Treasurer (2010) and is also an active member of Serbian-American Chamber of Commerce – Houston, TX. Dragan is the proud father of his nine year old daughter Alexandra. He is also a soccer fan as well as amateur chess player and photographer.

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Mark L. Egger

Vice President of Marketing & Sales


Mark Egger was born in San Antonio, Texas, but raised all over the country and the world.  Both of his parents dedicated over 30 years to the U.S. Air Force, his father serving on Active Duty and in the Civil Service, and his mother in the Civil Service following him around.  After attending 13 different schools while moving around, he graduated from high school outside of Madrid, Spain.  After completing high school Mr. Egger went on to study at several colleges, institutes, and universities. With all of that moving around, he had some very basic principles instilled deep into him:  God comes first, family comes second, and then you treat everyone else the same. For the past 20 years, he’s been in sales and marketing.  Whether it was products or services, to the consumer, to other businesses, or to governmental entities, he’s relied on listening to his clients and making sure what he had to offer was what they needed.  He developed relationships, then clients.  Customer service has always been paramount. Mark is happily married, has two daughters, and three grandkids.  His hobbies are spoiling his grandkids, playing golf whenever the opportunity arises, and going to San Antonio Spurs basketball games.

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Scott King

Director of Security & Logistics


Mr. King was born in Dunedin, Fl. in 1971 to a mortgage banker mother and master electrician father. In 1978 his father accepted a career advancing position that took the family to Houston, TX. Once in Houston, Scott had a typical education, graduating from Stratford High School and continuing on to Houston Community College as a music major. During this time he realized retail management was to be his calling and discontinued his musical pursuits to focus on his retail career.

Beginning as a store manager for Diamond Shamrock by the age of twenty he moved on to big box retail as the Customer Service Manager for OfficeMax in River Oaks, the company’s highest volume location in Houston. Then, in 1997, moved on to Best Buy and, subsequently, the discipline change that would define his retail career – Loss Prevention. Capitalizing on the excellent work ethic and integrity instilled in him by his mother, within short order Scott was supervising the loss prevention departments in multiple locations and assuming leadership roles in new store openings. Mr. King has completed many phases of private security detail, loss-prevention, and logistics.  He is a valuable part of the BIG family of companies.

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