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In today’s environment, investing has become more and more complex. At The Broughton Investment Group, we believe that transparency, clarity, and openness are essential to our clients.  We listen to you!  Together, we will explore the realistic navigation through the turbulent waters of the global economy. Part of our team’s approach is employing the six-degrees of financial planning.  These areas of financial planning are often misunderstood, and even worse, not well managed by many financial advisors.  Although the areas of financial planning are complex and interwoven, financial advisors more often than not, simply skip over crucial parts of the clients’ plan, or do not explain in detail the areas, which need attention.  This often leads to confusion, and ultimately, the client not comfortable with the process. However, at The Broughton Investment Group, we believe that client education is paramount and essential to a successful partnership.

Registered Financial Advisors provide holistic financial planning services to those they serve. Most of the nation’s financial advisors pay lip service to holistic planning but few actually provide it. In recent years, the practice and public perception of financial planning tended to be focused on investments in general, and stocks in particular – a trend encouraged and reinforced by the fact that most providers of financial advice benefit from the sale of financial products. As a result, many members of the public have received a painful reminder frequently forgotten: the value of investments can fall as well as rise. If they were relying on a financial advisor who was merely providing investment advice, they are probably surprised by and poorly prepared for the current economic downturn.

Why? If a financial advisor does not understand the client’s full picture, the quality of advice in any one area, including investment advice, can suffer significantly. Competent and informed investment decisions must take into account all the other factors that comprise an investor’s financial profile, including tax, estate planning, insurance, risk tolerance, specific family circumstances, and ultimate financial goals. A financial plan built holistically includes much more than investment advice. It is an all-purpose tool that enables planner and client, working together, to make better financial decisions because each individual decision is made within the context of the full picture. Registered Financial Advisors practice truly holistic financial planning to ensure their clients' entire financial picture is taken into account.

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