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As we move through the final quarter of 2022, I have found myself thinking deeply about the BIG family and of you…those of you who are reading this: our friends, families, clients, team, and community. I am excited to share news about Broughton and what you can expect in the months ahead as we move into 2023, but first, let me go backward.

Roughly six months ago, I brought the Broughton team together and asked them to think about what BIG means to them, what they would like to see this company be better at, how we could grow and where they see themselves in the future. I was asking them to DELIVER the good, the bad, and the ugly. After a two-day, very intensive, all-hands-on-deck team meeting together we had developed a creed and vision that fully encompasses who and what BIG is and how we were going to grow it into the best version of itself since its inception ten years ago.

Talk about baring one’s soul and not taking anything personally!

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We Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

Financial planning, investing, and wealth management IS our business, BUT how do we deliver more to our clients than we already had? My goal with this new vision is to fully reengage Broughton with the implementation of critical ideas and strategies that could help clients achieve their life goals. We quit asking, “What do you want your money to do?” and started asking about their life and goals for themselves and their family. However, by asking you to be fully transparent in these matters, we knew that it is vital for us to deliver that same expectation back. How do we do that? We do that by providing our clients with more information and educational tools than ever before.  Delivering information that includes market education through in-depth analysis and forecasting, clear snapshots of the market and how it could affect their financial portfolios, and financial wellness support through an online education-based platform. In developing these strategies and creating innovative solutions and tools, we have defined plans that focus on financial success while empowering our clients to confidently maintain full control over their finances.

coming soon:

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We Are A Company Committed To Our Community

Has there ever been a time when ethical, value-based, action-driven companies have mattered more?

We have a responsibility to our community, and that is core to how we do business. We know there is a disconnect regarding financial literacy, and we are working to find ways to bridge that gap for the people. From a complete comic book series featuring Captain Plan-It, our heroine debunking money myths and introducing financial wellness, to Women Invested, our first women’s empowerment campaign that benefits the Women of Wine Charities and the Houston Area Women’s Center. We’ve learned that how we do business matters every bit as much as the business we do. We are continuing to find new ways to serve and give back to those that live in our community.

BIG gives back to Kids Meals

Houston, Texas 2022

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The Future Is So Bright

Stay tuned for many exciting things to come, including our new branded look with a revamped, engaging website, the introduction of BIG pig, future BIG events, recruitment and personnel growth for our Houston office and new BIG location developments across Texas, and so much more. The future is so bright and promising.

We are so excited and grateful for the opportunities ahead of us, the chance to positively impact our clients, family, friends, and community, and the overall growth of Broughton Investment Group and its team members. Most of all, we are deeply committed to becoming our community’s most trusted advisors.

And finally, my dear friends, remember this; if a man’s value is measured by those whom he has served, what of his value if he has served none?

Paul K. Broughton

Founder, Owner

Chief Executive Officer

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