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We've put together some commonly asked questions related to financial planning

to give you more information about Broughton and how we serve our clients.

frequently asked questions

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what does an investment advisor do?

An Investment Advisor generally provides discretionary investment management services consistent with a client’s life goals and objectives for a designated portfolio and adds value in several areas: 

  • We help the client identify life goals (e.g., wealth accumulation, education, retirement, estate planning) 

  • Define cash requirements to achieve those goals 

  • Analyzing the available assets from which to meet the cash flow requirements 

  • Determining the client’s investment risk tolerance 

  • Selecting an asset allocation strategy that best matches the client’s goals with the funds available for investment and the client’s risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and tax situation 

  • Helping clients with investment goals while minimizing taxes on capital gains and income 

  • Structuring and executing an investment plan to help achieve those goals 

what are the most important factors when choosing your financial advisor?

  1. Know your investment professional's experience and philosophy of investing.

  2. Make sure there is a communication and personality fit between you and your advisor.

  3. Ask if they have specific investment strategies designed to help and protect you during current market conditions.

  4. Ask and understand how your investment professional is compensated.

  5. Be honest about your current financial situation, goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

  6. Ask about the services and limitations of your investment advisor.

  7. Schedule a regular financial check-up to ensure you are on track or to make adjustments.

  8. Call when circumstances in your life change that may impact your investment strategy.

  9. Examine investment performance history, being sure to compare results obtained under particular market conditions, not just over a specific time frame.

  10. Be realistic in your expectations regarding the returns expected on your account in light of the overall performance of the broad market indices and your risk considerations.

Investors should agree with the advisor's investment philosophy and feel comfortable with their quality and method of research and communication, as well as investment style. Here are some critical points to cover with a potential advisor to clarify and establish a solid mutual long-term understanding and relationship.

what's the difference between Broughton and other financial investment firms?

Broughton is a "fee-only" registered investment advisor.  As an asset management firm with no hidden fees and complete transparency with our clients, our only concern is the growth of your investment portfolio and the protection of your assets. We work directly for you and receive no compensation from any other source.  There are no hidden fees. Ever.


how does broughton make money?

Some financial advisors are commission based; at Broughton, we are a fee-only firm. That fee depends on your assets and portfolio and the complexity and uniqueness of your financial situation. Our fee is listed as one line item directly on your statement. There are no hidden or added costs. Zero commissions.

can the management fee be deducted from my portfolio?

Yes, most of our clients enjoy the convenience of having the fee deducted from their portfolio. Making your monthly fee payment by check is also available if preferred.

what protection do i have to safeguard my money?

Each custodian we work with has insurance (SIPC, FDIC, Lloyds of London, etc.) to protect your assets in the event your custodian has financial problems or goes out of business. We only work with custodians who are financially sound with the assurance that they are well-positioned within the financial services industry.

how do i know what's happening with my money?

You will receive confirmation of each purchase and sale of a security from your custodian (our preferred custodian is TD Ameritrade). Additionally, each client is sent monthly account statements from their custodian that details all activity and list the market value of each asset. Moreover, The Broughton Investment Group, Inc. sends a quarterly package that includes a portfolio appraisal, market commentary, and other relevant information. Finally, through meetings and periodic reports, clients may receive information about their accounts and performance relative to their goals and appropriate indices.

i have an existing investment portfolio, what happens to it?

We will review your current holdings with you prior to signing up with us. Your Client Manager will work with you to determine which securities or mutual funds you may wish to hold or sell. 

who regulates broughton?

The Broughton Investment Group, Inc. Registered Investment Advisor, Inc. is a registered investment advisor under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

how long has broughton been in business?

Broughton Investment Group was established in 2012.

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We know there is A LOT to cover regarding financial planning, financial literacy, and financial wellness. We can't quite cover it all on our website, but we hope we've answered some of your questions and helped lead you to ask more questions and seek a greater financial future for you and your family. 

We encourage you to take the next step with Broughton and schedule your pressure-free, complimentary, no-expectations exploratory session with one of our financial advisors.

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