Our Mission Statement

Holistic Financial Planning Leadership | Broughton Investment Group

To administer clear, concise, and sound advice built on a foundation of integrity and duty. Our goal is to transfer this advice to our clients with quantitative and qualitative analysis resulting in an attainable goal with realistic expectations. We believe that a long-lasting relationship is built on trust. This proactive approach to holistic financial planning will assist our clients’ in attaining these goals with logical timelines illuminating their pathway.

Our Goal

To provide comprehensive financial planning to individuals by explaining employee benefits, tax and estate implications, and the judicious way of wealth-building. To promote retirement planning to people of all ages. By educating today’s generation, we ensure a better generation for our children, one free from debt and poor financial decisions. And finally, to offer The BIG Elite™ Concierge Service. We will explore in greater detail this service later in the presentation.

Code of Ethics Statement

We adopt a Code of Ethics (the "Code of Ethics") which sets forth high ethical standards of business conduct that we require of our investment advisors, employees and other associated persons, including compliance with applicable federal securities laws. The Code of Ethics includes policies and procedures governing personal trading by our access persons. The Code of Ethics provides for oversight, enforcement, and recordkeeping. A copy of the Code of Ethics is available to our advisory clients and prospective clients upon request to the Chief Compliance Officer, at our principal office address.