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what is financial planning?

does it make sense for you?

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Every person has unique goals for managing their wealth, making it necessary for personalized guidance with investments, retirement, tax planning, and similar financial decisions. Our experienced financial professionals recognize that wealth management strategies are not one-size-fits-all, and we deliver customized financial plan with defined strategies that best meet our clients’ needs and goals for financial success.

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Developing and understanding your investment strategy that helps you achieve your goals can be tricky with the ample information available to all of us.

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From the not-so-expert experts to, endless investment blogs and social media channels, thousands of publications investing can seem like a daunting task. We've learned that about 42% of the American public are not investing* for a variety of reasons. We can help you create, implement and execute a strategy that works for your goals.


do you worry about...

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  • if your lifestyle will be affected in order to achieve your goals?

  • you won't reach your goals?

  • you won't have enough money?

Would you be surprised to learn that only 40% of the American workforce participated in a workplace 401K program?*

Are you contributing? Better yet, do you know how much money you need and if you are on the path to achieve that? Working with a financial advisor puts all those details in place with actionable steps to get there. 


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A wedding can do some serious damage to a bank account and can leave a young couple reeling from the effects. It's often the biggest day of their lives and sometimes causes the most significant financial impact they will experience. It’s critical to review finances and create a plan and budget that makes sense for your wedding....and your new life together.

Take our "Are You Financially Compatible?" Quiz to find out how you align with your partner. Is it time to sit down with a financial advisor?

According to a survey from Ramsey Solutions, fights around money are a leading cause of divorce.*


Did you know that 76% of stressed employees say financial worries have a negative impact on their productivity.*

By 2019, 53 percent of companies offered financial wellness programs, compared to just 24 percent four years earlier, according to a survey by Bank of America.**

Employers have found that adding a financial wellness program with the companies current employee benefits package, creates reduced financial worry on the job, improved financial literacy creating increased focus at work and an improved personal life. 

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Broughton is committed to reaching all communities to educate and help bridge the gap between real life and financial literacy. Part of that is supporting and empowering women on their financial journey and achieving their life goals with President and Cheif Operating Officer, Summer Taufer through WomenInvested. A non-profit designed specifically to educate and empower women to take controal of their financial future. 

41% of women say their biggest financial regret is not investing more.*

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financial planning
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For the last decade, Broughton has worked on becoming a trusted advisor in our communities. We challenge the status quo every day and as part of that pursuit, we believe in not taking ourselves too seriously but taking what we do very seriously. We take pride in our differences because we know that with difference comes new ideas, approaches, and results for our clients.

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Our goal is to create unique strategies for our clients to help them achieve their life goals. Most of all, we believe in the pursuit of growth in life and in business. We are committed to providing our advisors with the autonomy and support needed to help our clients achieve their goals in life.

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Our process is not a one-size fits all approach. We understand that you have life goals and objectives, so with that in mind, we work to create custom financial plans that wrap around your actionable goals. We believe in full transparency with you and know that with openness comes greater precision and advanced thought when helping to manage your portfolio. 

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