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The Broughton Investment Group is NOT for everyone: “We say what we mean and mean what we say.”


We are a decade-old, fee-only boutique firm providing personalized plans and portfolios for our clients. Within our BIG family, we see things differently in that don’t conform to the old "suit and tie" standard and encourage diversity and creative thought. We know that some of the best advisors are driven out of the industry by unattainable standards due to a lack of support. Not at BIG, we believe in the full support of our team members coupled with unlimited earning potential while providing a top-flight benefit package. We work in a highly collaborative environment and are excited to work hard for our clients and community.


The BIG beliefs:

  • not taking ourselves seriously, but taking what we do seriously.

  • saying what we mean and meaning what we say.

  • making our clients part of the BIG family.

  • diversity of thought creates the strongest plan.

  • bridging the gap between financial planning and real life.

  • a good advisor is a good listener.

  • outside of the box thinking inside of the compliance playbook.

  • challenging the status quo.

  • being a servant to our team. members, clients, and communities.

  • honoring each other and celebrating with our clients.

  • building trust in our communities by generously sharing our knowledge with the public.

  • Transparenc"FEES"


If you align with BIG's values and want to break free from industry clones, let’s see if you make the cut.

ready to be a financial advisor but not sure what the next step is...

join the team

Current job openings: Houston, TX

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Current job openings: San Antonio, TX

No current openings. Please check back. 

Current job openings: Austin, TX

No current openings. Please check back. 

Current job openings: Dallas, TX

No current openings. Please check back. 

Current job openings: El Paso, TX

No current openings. Please check back. 

Listings are posted and removed as positions become available or filled. 


The Broughton Investment Group, Inc is an equal opportunity employer.

We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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